Oracle Interrogator

Oracle Interrogator 2.0.1

Oracle Interrogator is a professional SQL DBA and development...

Oracle Interrogator is a professional SQL DBA and development tool which allows rapid transact SQL development against an Oracle database through an intuitive Windows graphical user interface.

Oracle Interrogator is aimed at Oracle DBAs and Microsoft Windows based software developers. BenefitsReduces Oracle training requirements. Reduce time needed to manage SQL scripts.

Collaborative working using Favourites repository to common network locations. No training required as it leverages existing knowledge of Windows standard intuitive interfaces.

SQL scripts are easier to write with colour coding. FeaturesQueries can be run against an Oracle 7/8/9/10 database. Execution plans can be viewed for query optimisation.

Cost or rule based optimiser option. Query timings and statistics available. User object browser. Dictionary object browser. Rowset restriction support.

Export query results to variety of formats including CSV or direct to file. SQLNet / Netx compliant. Quick table and view data access. Query favourites for quick access to saved queries.